New Year, New Vintage 2016!

Planning is already underway for this years harvest, set for mid March to early April.

We have been a busy bunch counting bunches so we know how much crop we can expect for our harvest. From this we can also determine if we want to ‘drop crop’. ‘Drop cropping’ is a strange concept to many, and essentially means we cut off and discard many valuable grapes to benefit a smaller portion of the grapes, meaning the remaining bunches have a deeper flavour and gives the final juice the perfect balance between acidic and sweet. We have also been leaf plucking and trimming to expose the branches to the required level of sunlight. Sunlight is key for grapes as it affects the flavours. You don’t want too little, or too much!

Lastly, we put the bird nets on the grapes. The starlings come in flocks, keen to sample our fine grapes! If they had their way they could eat their way through entire crops, the pesky little critters!!!

Heres to a great harvest and an even better year!